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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wheaton Aston to “The Wharf Inn” at Goldstone


It was so cold this morning I had to put a 2nd pair of socks on! My feet were freezing. My calculations for journey times are all over the place. I reckoned we would make Norbury junction by 10:00am and stop there. We passed through there about 8:40am, way too early to stop so we carried on. However we did have a quick chat with Roy on “Gerald No.13” whilst he was taking on water there, and then we saw Peter Underwood on “Blackberry Way” and Colin Hobbs on “Go For It”, both moored up opposite the junction. Further on we passed Gill and Don on “Iduno” who were underway heading south.

We have made it to Goldstone and are moored opposite the “Wharf Tavern” ready to pass through Woodseaves Cutting and Tyrley locks early tomorrow morning.


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