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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Restoration of Emma Ross 1879


Let me introduce you to Emma.


This is Emma, one of three Measham teapots I bought in one lot at auction. She is called Emma because Evelyn Booth called her that in correspondence with us. She is dated 1879 (The oldest of our now 4 teapots) and the full name on the plaque is “Emma Ross”. As we travelled down the Staffs & Worcs towards Droitwich, we stopped at Evelyn & Graham’s and showed Emma to them, as we know Graham does restoration work on Meashamware. We left Emma with them for Graham to try to bring her back to some of her previous glory. It is hard from the photo above, which was taken before restoration, to see what needed to be done but if you look very closely you can see that at some time someone had previously attempted to repair the tip of the spout, the handle and some of the top edge.



This photo is Emma today.

We had moored overnight at Wolverley lock as this is near to where they live, and they came down by car to bring Emma back to us, and, as previously they had been very kind to give us lunch when we called at their house, I had said we would treat them to lunch out, which we duly had at “The Lock Inn”.

We are extremely pleased with the result. Graham has done a splendid job. Of course we had a great afternoon with them, chatting about all sorts of things. We count ourselves very fortunate to know them both, and enjoy their company when we can.

To those who do not know Evelyn & Graham, Evelyn runs a business called “Lockside Antiques” and she deals in, besides Meashamware, lace and ribbon plates, cabin lace, brassware, rag rug kits, and much more besides. A visit to her website is essential if you are wanting those special little items for your boat. They can also be found running a stall at the Braunston Historic Boat Rally, Stourbridge, and occasionally Crick. Graham has recently written 2 articles for Wateways World, one article last month about lace and ribbon plates, and the other about Meashamware, which is in the current issue.



Nb Caxton said...

Hi Hadar
Have you ever tried to trace 'Emma Ross'?
Graham has done a good job but then you expect no less of him would you?
take care

Keith (Boatman) said...

Not yet Lesley. It is a bit difficult with only a name. Some of the teapots also have town names, which makes it easier. Until Graham had restored it, we were not sure if we were going to keep it, but seeing it is the oldest of the 7 teapots, and he has done such an excellent job we will be keeping it.

Also please see 2nd entry in this bolg for today about our other teapots.