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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Winsford Top Flash to Wheelock

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Definitely autumn is here already. However we did see a rainbow this morning once we had turned onto the Trent and Mersey canal. As we came to Booth Lane locks we started to meet a lot of boats coming the other way, well at least 5, which I thought would mean there would be lots of room at Wheelock, wrong!

We did however manage to get in next to Oakfield, and had a brief chat with them. As we were chatting Hadar started to list dramatically, and a quick probe with the short mop and she was sitting on something solid, so I checked  further in front and there was good deep water so when the lock emptied and the pound rose in level we moved forward to the next ring and equilibrium was restored.

After lunch we walked to Sandbach, and on the way we passed Sandbach School, which the original buildings date from 1849, and look very impressive. They even have a proper cricket pavilion for the cricket ground.

sandbach school

Once in the town centre we were pleasantly surprised at the town, and it’s many fascinating buildings. In the old market square are the crosses and the memorial, surrounded by some beautiful buildings.

Sandbach Crosses

Buildings & memorial

This is the Market Hall.

Market Hall

It was well worth the walk from the canal.


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