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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Braunston Top Lock to Crick


A later start this morning as we knew that Watford locks do not open until 9:30am, so we set off at 7:20am to arrive at the bottom of Watford locks just after 9:00am. We joined the back of the queue and Terry the lock keeper said that we could come up through the bottom lock and moor in the 1st pound and moor up to await the 2 boats to come down. We joined nb Waffle in the pound, which was about 2ft down on water, so I had to keep the stern in the lock entrance so we could get on and off the boat. Once the 1st boat came down through the lock the pound came up enough for us to get in against the wall, as we awaited, the 2nd and final boat down, then Waffle set off up the locks and we followed close behind. Hadar’s bow got a free wash from the leaking lock gates, all we needed was the shampoo and the whirly brushes and it would have been like a car wash! Once through the locks we pressed on, and surprisingly found a mooring at Crick, one boat up from the bridge ‘ole. Just as we were pulling in the heavens opened, and Jo didn’t have her jacket on, but as soon as we we in against the bank the sun came out. We will spend the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend here.

The good news is that despite the problems with the Leicester locks and Foxton locks, Watford locks will remain open without restrictions because they are back pumped. This means that now we are on the summit for the Foxton Festival, we should still be able to get to Stoke Bruerne for the “Village at War Weekend” whatever else happens stoppage wise.


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