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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celebration Day, Put Out the Flags.


I sold my first Rag Rug today, this one in the photo, let’s hope it is the first of many to come. Others are available and can be viewed at Keith’s Rag Rugs. It was the friends, Teresa Walters and Andy Scanlon, from facebook who we passed yesterday at Trentham. Teresa had said she was interested in a Rag Rug, and this one caught her eye. She is so pleased with it she has already put photos of it, in it’s place of honour, on facebook.



Teresa said...

They are gorgeous rugs and worth every penny - this one reminded me of sprinkles on a trifle lol

Keith (Boatman) said...

I am so pleased you like it. Yes you are right it does look like those, lol. I think it was my favourite combination of colours. I may have to make another one like this winter.