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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Prestwood to The Bratch.

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A dismal start this morning meant the shorts stayed in the cupboard and the cords came back out again. Throughout the mornings trip it has tried to drizzle on and off. Nearly all the locks were set in our favour, same as yesterday. I checked the bottom of my boots to make sure I hadn’t trod in something nasty!

At Botterham staircase locks Jo discovered that not only was the bottom lock empty, which was handy, but so was the top one, I mean completely empty, so after I had put Hadar into the empty bottom lock, Jo then had to completely fill the top lock.

Despite this setback, we still arrived and passed through the Bratch locks before 10:00am, which surprised me as I had calculated it would take us longer to get here. It surprised Jo when I told her she had done 12 locks this morning, She obviously is enjoying working locks too much! We timed it just right as the drizzle turned to more steady rain just after we moored up, I better check the bottom of my boots again.



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