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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wolverley to Prestwood Bridge No.34

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An early start this morning, 6:00am, first of many until the end of the school holidays in September. A 4 hour cruise has brought us to Prestwood Bridge No.34. There is a ringed mooring here, and as can be seen in the satellite picture above dense tree on the east bank, and a line of polar trees on the east bank and south of us. We should be nicely sheltered from the sun here today, especially as it is going to be Scorchio!


Prestwood Bridge

As we were mooring up Steve Wood on Bream came through the bridge ‘ole and we had a brief chat before he set off again, heading for the River Severn.

Our reasons for early starts  for the next few weeks are as follows.

  1. With more boats (especially more hire boats) on the move during the school holidays, starting early avoids us having to queue at locks, especially during any hot days.
  2. We avoid travelling in the heat of the midday sun.
  3. Jo can cook the evening meal whilst it is still relatively cool outside and inside the boat, rather than when the boat is like an oven anyway. Yes we do have salads this time of year, but not every day.
  4. Hadar being 70ft long and deeper drafted it is easier to find a 70ft deep water mooring, especially once other boats start to move off, which is usually about 9:00am.
  5. With canals like the Staffs & Worcs, which has a few narrow sections and tight corners, it is easier to negotiate these knowing it is highly unlikely someone is coming the other way early in the morning.
  6. And finally the school kids are still in bed and not down on the canalside throwing things at us! Bless ‘em.


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