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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Researching Measham Teapots


A fellow boater and blogger was interested in whether we had done any research into our recently restored Measham Teapot Emma. At present we have not done so, but now it has been restored and we are going to keep it, we may well do some research, however this may prove a little difficult as we only have the name “Emma Ross” and the date 1879 to go on.

However we may be more successful with our other teapots, which have more information on their plaques as follows:-

  • Mr & Mrs Mallender Orchard St. Newall
  • Mrs H Mold. New End
    from Mary
  • A present to Mr & Mrs Pinkard Tiffield
    from their son Thomas
  • Mr & Mrs Hickmough
  • James Ashwood
    Spinners Arms

I am not sure if the one from Thomas to his parents is Mr & Mrs Pinkard Tiffield, but more likely to be Mr & Mrs Pinkard of Tiffield, seeing there is a place called Tiffield in Northamptonshire.

I did try to do some online research on the Spinners Arms, but found nothing that I could relate to James Ashwood.


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