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Friday, March 23, 2012

Middlewich to Winsford Top Flash

Map picture

Windsford top flash

An early walk around Middlewich ended with a visit to Tesco’s for a few items. Then we headed off to the countryside for the weekend. One of our favourite moorings places was empty of boats, that was handy, so we pulled in and moored up.


This time of year you get a better view of the flash than you do during the summer, when you can hardly see it for all the vegetation. As seen in the aerial view above the flash looks like a giant dinosaur footprint!

For a short time now Hadars engine has been suffering from too high oil pressure from cold, 100+psi! Although once the oil had warmed up and the pressure dropped, it is not good when part of the oil supply system is via copper piping and olive joints, which are not meant to take such high pressure. I had suspected that the last time recently that I had removed the filter bottle I may not have refitted the pressure relief valve correctly, which had been previously working, which should allow a maximum pressure of 70psi. Wednesday when we stopped cruising I took the oil filter bottle off the engine, removed the pressure relief valve again, cleaned it up again, and refitted it again. I had suspected that the spring may not have been sitting correctly in the cups of the valve or the retaining nut. Yesterday we certainly did not get the high oil pressure any more, but due to taking everything apart, the pressure reading was all over the place, which I know, from previous times, that this happens, and it takes a while to settle down. This morning everything was back to how it should be with a maximum pressure of 70psi from cold, pheww!!!


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