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Monday, March 05, 2012

Stone to Barlaston

Map picture

Barlaston Wedgewood

We set off from Stone leaving our friends there behind. At Meaford locks we had a boat going up in front of us. As I was about to leave the third lock, Jo walked back to say that there was stuff jammed in the top gate paddle and the BW guys who had just arrived were about to clear it. I left Hadar reversing back against the top gate of the third lock and walked up to see what was afoot. It was in fact a large clump of reeds that had floated down the canal. Once cleared I was able to bring Hadar up to the top lock and we were soon through. The BW lads kindly shut the gate and paddles behind us. We were soon mooring up just before the Wedgwood factory at Barlaston. We had an early lunch then heading up to the factory to see the museum, which was being built last time we visited.


This is the rather impressive entrance to the museum. We spent a couple of hours browsing around looking at all the items on show, and the life story of Wedgwood, which proceeds around the museum in a timeline format. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside so here is another one of the outside.


We had a cup of coffee and cakes in the restaurant, outside of which stands this statue of Josiah Wedgwood.


We wondered as we pondered over our coffees what Josiah would think of the new factory and its modern methods, and how the canal has changed from when he was involved with its construction.


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