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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rode Heath to Middlewich

Map picture



With the sun shining brightly this morning we set off from Rode Heath. Someone has smiled on us today as nearly all the locks were in our favour.


This is what is left of The Romping Donkey, which on 2 previous occasions when we have tried to get a meal there it has been closed. Apparently it is being rebuilt as the original structure was unsafe.


Lock 57 at Hassal Green is looking very smart.


And the pink corrugated steel church is still very pink!


The heavy traffic roars by on the M6 below lock 58, which is just below Hassal Green.


All sorts of interesting loads!


At lock 61 this paddle ratchet was stuck in this position, Jo whacked it with her windlass a few times but it was not budging. A report to BW will follow shortly.


The offside lock 65 was being worked on, as we passed by.


The Kings Lock pub is looking very smart in the spring sunshine.


It was a sad moment of reflection whilst passing through Wardle lock as it was only last week we heard that Maureen who used to live here had passed away, she will be very much missed by all who knew her. We moored up just beyond the lock, between Bridges 30 & 31. having travelled 9.6 miles, through 20 locks in 6 hours we will leave visiting the town till tomorrow morning.



Sue Hunter said...

Hi Jo. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog regarding Maureen at Wardle Lock. She was a lovely lady, who always came out to say hello when we passed through - she recognised us by the sound of the pop pop engine on our previous boat Sans Souci. She'll be missed. Sue NB Beefur

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Sue, I have told Jo about your comment. Keith.