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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Bull Aqueduct, to Rode Heath

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Rode Heath

We set off this morning, and were soon heading down the Red Bull flight. At one of the locks were was a pile of flowers, soccer scarves, etc. Apparently a 19year old Stoke fan had tried to jump the lock with fatal consequences back in December. As much as people want to pay their respects, this laying of flowers and artefacts is spreading and in this case how long is it before it all ends up in the lock and around someone's prop?

Most of the locks were with us so we carried on to Rode Heath. Unlike yesterday as Bosley locks were someone had left the paddles up, here someone had left the gates open. Even a gentleman walking his dog commented on them being left open.

Having moored up and disassembled the oil pressure relief valve again, to try to get it to work, we decided to have lunch at The Broughton Arms, which was some much better than the lunch we had there 6 years ago, things have obviously moved on since then.


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