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Monday, March 26, 2012

Winsford Top Flash to Beeston Iron Lock

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Beeston locks

Unfortunately having travelled to Beeston yesterday, I could not get a signal to post to the blog, so a day late but here we go. We had queuing at Chelmondeston lock as usual, yes even this time of the year. At Barbridge junction we swung north onto what was originally the Chester canal. Bunbury staircase locks had a few gongoozlers, but they had nothing spectacular to watch in mistakes, which is unusual for me! The sun shone through a cloudless sky all day, and it was nice to finally get out of my donkey jacket, and down to just shirt sleeves and waistcoat. we moored up between Beeston stone and Beeston iron locks. We walked down to Chas Hardern’s and had a look around their shop. Last time we were here his wife was sorting out all the ribbon and laces plates Chas’s mother had accumulated, apparently she found it hard to refuse the salesmen!

We then had a wander around the reclamation centre the other side of the railway, they had everything you would need to restore, rebuild or renovate old buildings, and interiors.


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