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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oakgrove to Red Bull Aqueduct, Kidsgrove

Map picture


Red Bull Aqueduct

We crept pass nbs Alton & Shirley just after 8:00am this morning, we hope we didn’t wake Brian & Ann Marie. We stopped at Bosley top lock and I pulled this lot of the prop.


The blue plastic is a woven sack, took some serious hacking with a knife to get it off, and the blue and yellow tape was twisted around one of the blades, and I had to unwind the whole lot to get it off. I think that lot had been on all day yesterday, I had meant to check when we stopped yesterday, and despite writing it in our notepad, I still forgot!

As we chugged through Buglawton we were amazed to watch before our very eyes a sparrowhawk down a blackbird and had it pinned to the towpath as we passed by.


The blackbird put up a good struggle as can be seen from the feathers everywhere, but the sparrowhawk had too good a grip, and was just waiting for its victim to finish struggling before carrying it off for lunch. It kept a close eye on us as we passed by, but wasn’t going to let its grip go unless we were going to get close, which we weren’t. Not something you expect to see unfold before you.

We arrived at the moorings between Red Bull aqueduct and Poole aqueduct, ready to start the descent down the Cheshire locks tomorrow morning.


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