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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Blisworth to Caravan Field Mooring.

Map picture


Caravan Field moorings

A windy start to the morning steadily got windier and windier. We got to Gayton junction and pulled into the sanitary station for water and toilet emptying. Whilst we were there, Peter and his wife on Blackberry Way pulled in behind us, also after water etc. so we had a quick catch up whilst we waited for our water to fill. All sorted, then came the fun and games getting Hadar off the mooring in the now quite strong wind. Jo had to take the bow line back off and onto a bollard so I could power out against the wind, which we eventually managed to do.

We were approaching High House and where we wanted to moor there was a fishing contest in progress, so we carried on passed David and Elaine to the Caravan Field mooring, as it is locally known. It is in between bridges 27 & 28, between High House and Stowehill Wharfs. We have moored up using the recently purchased Rond Anchors, after looking for them for many years. They were very popular on the River Thames for mooring on the banks when I was boating on there, and despite their small size, and ease of fitting (you just stand on them and press them into the ground) they are very effective.

Rond Anchor

We will wait and see if they hold us for the whole weekend, as we are now staying here until Monday. After we had moored David texted us to let us know that they were going into Northampton by car if we wanted to go with them. We were hoping to do that or to go to Daventry, so we said yes.  We duly walked round to their mooring at the agreed time, and met them. We were soon parked up, and we all headed off for our various destinations, agreeing to meet back at the car at a set time.

One thing Jo wanted to do was to get some new shoes she had seen on-line, so we eventually found Deichmann, despite Jo thinking the shop wasn’t in the Grosvenor Centre, but after walking around the whole of Northampton’s shops it was, lol.


They are what she has been looking for to go with her 1930/40’s costume. David and Elaine have invited us to dinner tonight, so as a thank you Jo bought Elaine some flowers from the market.

We returned to the car park and met up with them, and they duly drove us back to their mooring, and we set off back to the boat. We are looking forward to a great evening with them tonight.

Despite the even stronger winds, Hadar has not moved from her mooring.



Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Rond anchors are used on the Broadr

Anonymous said...

Rond Anchors, or Rond Hooks as they are known round these parts (Norfolk Broads)are still fairly easily availible here, and most boats have a couple on board, and they are used frequently.

Beardy Chas

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Brian & Chas, yes I discovered that during the posting as the link I placed on the posting is to a Norfolk company.

I also found that Tradline in Braunston sell them too, but I can't remember seeing them on display in their shop. Must look closer next time, lol.