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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surprise Visitor

We had a surprise visit today from Maffi and Molly. He is moored down in Braunston, and upon discovering via facebook we were moored at the top of the locks he decided to walk up and see us. We haven’t seen Maffi for a few years now, and it was nice to catch up with him. We had a lot to chat about and fortunately the weather was mild enough to stand out on the towpath and chatter and sup coffee. I walked back down the locks with him and his dog Molly, as I wanted to call into the Chandlery at Wharf House Narrowboats. Maffi picked up some more rubbish to add to the dustbiner which he had been filling on his journey to see us. He uses an Easy Reacher, which is available from Argos for just £9.99.


Next time we are near an Argos which will either be at Rugby or Coventry, we will have to get a couple.

Hopefully he will still be around when we come down through the locks Monday morning.



life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi, try discount stores first, we sell them for £3:99 ! I use mine for retrieving Bobby's ball, when he accidentally on purpose drops it into the cut on a regular basis!

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Debbie, buying cheaper doesn't always pay in the long run, as we have experienced in the past. Sometimes it does work out, bit like how occasionally some cars will last and last, hence there are still quite a few examples of vintage, veteran and even more modern cars around, but they are rare. I never manged to buy one of them, lol.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I can think of a whole bunch of reasons to use that long armed reacher thingy. Our dog Nelson pushes his ball under sofas and being couches and sideboards. Happy Halloween. (do you do that in England?)

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Rosemary, yes Halloween is celebrated more these days in the UK. It grew from East Anglia where I used to live, due to the USAF bases located there. Whilst living in my house I would take the batteries out of the door bell. It isn't treated in the fun, happy way you have it in the USA. Many poeple over here, especially the elderly dread it.