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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welford Junction to Crick


At last, some rain. We had quite a lot overnight, which considering we were moored at Welford Junction this was a good start to topping up the local reservoirs, although it will take months of rain to get back to them being full. We set off this morning amidst drizzle, which although it wasn’t going to do a lot to fill the reservoirs, at least it was something. It lasted for most of our journey today, but did let up whilst we moored at Yelvertoft to take on water and to have lunch. Once the tank was topped up, which didn’t take long as it is a fast flowing tap here, we set off again for Crick. The water level is about 3” down, and this reflected in our mooring at Crick, Paddy is not going to like the jump to the bank this evening when I take him for his walk.


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