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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Change to Galley Doors


Jo has recently painted red the fillets on the starboard galley doors. When they are open and exposed to the weather, the fillets are exceptionally vulnerable, and were showing the effects, which varnishing could protect but not disguise. Painting them red has made a vast improvement, they even match the fillets in the boatman’s cabin. She has today painted the port side to complete the set.

Jo has also painted the inside of the portholes in the galley and bathroom.


They were cream, the same as the galley walls, but for some time we have been thinking of changing them to red to match those in the engine room & boatman’s cabin. They look a lot better, especially from the outside, as they now match the outside panel which is red.



We have also been in the hold today making final preparations for our coal delivery this coming Friday at Welford. This delivery will be loose coal,  which now we can no longer sell it, and it is just for our use, we have decided to buy it loose, rather than bagged, no point in us paying the extra for it to be bagged. We are going to see how it goes. We are hoping that being loose it will fill the hold more efficiently giving us more spare space for storing other things. It will also look better when we attend the “Village at War” weekend at Stoke Bruerne next year, as I doubt very much that coal was bagged in plastic bags during the War!


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Nb Caxton said...

Very Smart!!!