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Friday, October 28, 2011

Crick to Braunston Top Lock

Braunston Top Lock

A very foggy start off from Crick, a real thick one too. However once through the tunnel it was absolutely clear, and warming up nicely. We arrived at Watford locks with 2 boats going down before us, with the first one just starting down as we arrived.

The boat in front was off created a tsunami down the towpath by opening the paddle at the wrong time, sending all the gravel down the hill. Terry the lock keeper was not impressed.

At Norton junction we turned right and headed towards Braunston tunnel. We met only one boat coming the other way in the tunnel, and pulled into the moorings above the top lock, where we will be spending the weekend. I Have a couple of jobs planned for the weekend. The crew on NB “Do Lalii Ali” announced as they passed us, as we were mooring up, that they read this blog, unfortunately I do not know their names, but we say “Hi” to you, and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.



bert the gnome said...

enjoy the weekend and 1 day i Will actually meet you,having seen you moored several times over the last 2 years!

Keith (Boatman) said...

Yes, one day, you never know :-)