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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Trip to Harborough


Our final trip into Market Harborough today started with catching the 9:00am bus from Foxton. Our first stop was Specsavers to pick up our new glasses. Jo has chosen for one of her pairs some new stylish frames, just for a change.

Jos Glasses

Once they had been fitted for us and adjusted we then headed for the dentist, where I had my 2 fillings done. However the dentist is not too hopeful that one of them will actually last, he still thinks I will need to have it crowned. He had asked on my check-up last week if I would have it crowned, but as I can’t afford it at the moment a filling will have to do for now, this month has been an expensive one, what with dentist for us boat and new glasses for us both, pheww!

We did a bit more shopping in town, including a new coal scuttle for getting the loose coal out of the hold for when we need it. Whilst I was in the hardware shop paying for it I noticed some small enamel plates like we had been looking for, so when I got out of the shop I told Jo and she wen back in and bought a couple, at £1.49 each a bargain. For anyone who knows Market Harborough, the hardware shop in the high street, near Joule’s Yard, is a brilliant little shop, with things stacked high, and not much room for more than about 4 customers in there at the same time!

All shopped out we walked up to Union Wharf for a cup of tea with Jill and Don, on Idunni, who very kindly gave us a lift back to Foxton locks.


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