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Friday, October 14, 2011

Coal, then Welford to Foxton Top Lock

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Foxton top lock

After breakfast we prepared Hadar ready for our coal delivery. This meant securing the top sheets up, and then tying the side sheets down to give us good clear access to the hold. Then we waited for the lorry to arrive. Jo decided to have a slightly early lunch which as it turned out was a good idea, as at 12:15pm Chris and Tom arrived and soon had the sacks of coal emptied into the hold. Teas and coffees all round and the coal paid for, the pair of them headed off for their next delivery in Market Harborough.

We set off for Welford lock, where once we were in the lock we were able to get the sheeting sorted out, which is easier to do in a narrow lock as we can get to both sides to retie the top strings.

What has been a lovely sunny afternoon saw us arrive at Foxton where we winded at the entrance to the top inclined plane arm, and having failed to get close enough to the bank between the top lock and bridge No.60 we carried on past the bridge and moored up just the other side of it, which is a good deep water mooring. The pound is down in level at the moment, thus why we couldn’t moor between the lock and bridge, where we usually have no problem. Jo says at least we are nearer to the bridge close to where Tesco’s deliver to us, which we have ordered for Tuesday afternoon.

We look forward to a restful weekend here.


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