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Friday, October 21, 2011

Rebuilding a Water Pump

Well I thought I had cured the water leak, until yesterday Jo noticed water still appearing underneath the pump. So whilst she went to Harborough by bus, I took a closer look, and noticed water seeping from around the casing, where the 2 halves of the pump assembly join.

So yet again I took the pump out and stripped it down, cleaned it all up and put it back together again. I then refitted and reconnected it. This time it wouldn’t prime, so out it came again, stripped down, another clean out and back together again. Reinstalled, reconnected and this time it did prime, phew!

Overnight it hasn’t leaked, and neither has it been firing off like it has done ever since it was first installed, which I had thought was the PRV (pressure relief valve) leaking, which I had previously changed but did not cure the problem. This is all a bit strange, as, if it had been leaking before, there was no previous sign of this with water underneath it when we have checked under the cupboard. Oh well, at least it has cured both problems, which is always a bonus.

Jo had here eyes tested yesterday and as with me she has to have new glasses, which also should be ready for collection next week.


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