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Monday, October 10, 2011

Stowehill to Crick


A very windswept day has made for an interesting journey today. Having travelled to the bottom Buckby lock, we moored up, turned the engine off and waited for a boat to share the locks with.  We didn’t have to wait long, and we shared with nb Woodsey, and made good time to the top, where we parted company, as they were heading for the Oxford Canal.

We swung onto the Leicester arm at the junction and were soon moored up at Foxton bottom lock. Jo headed off to find the lock keeper, and soon returned to say that the boat that was now coming out of the bottom lock was the last one down, and we could follow the boat in front of us up, which we duly did, avoiding getting the bow drenched at the staircase locks from the leaky gates, by allowing the boat in front to stay more than a lock in front of us, and emptying the lock they were leaving into the side pounds before actually fully entering the lock to allow the level to drop, and thus reducing the cascades of water to a minimum.

Our efforts to moor up before Crick tunnel were fruitless due to shallow moorings, so we carried to Crick and have moored up behind Bruce Coleman on nb Boston, who very kindly made us both a cup of tea, and we sat and chatted about out summer adventures.


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