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Thursday, October 20, 2011



Yesterday Jo took Marmite and Paddy to vets4less for their annual injections. Miles of Paws 4 Walking give Jo and the animals a lift to and from the vets, a very handy service. Marmite wasn’t too impressed when she returned, but Paddy couldn’t care less.

This morning we have fixed the leak from the main water pump. Yesterday’s efforts failed, as we discovered just before bedtime, which was too late to deal with, so we turned the pump off, and shut down the 2 stop-cocks overnight. Thinking about it, we suspected that the ‘O’ rings were the problem. Fortunately in the new spare pump were 2 new adaptors and on comparison with the old units, the old ‘O’ rings seemed to be thinner, so I fitted the new adapters, and hey presto, all fixed.


This is the adapter, and the ‘O’ ring can be seen at the left end. All we have to do now is find some replacement ‘O’ rings for when they fail in the future again, as a pair of replacement adapters costs £13.60 and as there is nothing wrong with the adapter itself, just the ‘O’ ring it seems daft to buy the whole thing at that price.

Jo has just set off to catch the bus into Harborough to have her eye test.



Unknown said...

I wish there were more of these flexible Paws4walking type guys (as against formal boarding kennels). We need to travel to Derby on the 3rd and can't take the dogs with us. We need someone to break up the 6 hours we're likely to be gone. Not helped by the fact that we don't know where we'll be starting from - usual problem! Hope you're both well.

Keith Lodge said...

Hello Jill & Graham, they are around, the problem is finding them. There are 2 in Market Harborough.

Anonymous said...

Just Google "Popular Plumber's 'o' Ring Set"

Keith Lodge said...

Trouble is Andrew I only need a few of the correct size, buying a set online and adding the delivery cost will come to more than buying a new adapter. There is a local shop in Harborough who will have them, will be popping in the next week.