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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another UPDATE

Went into see Keith this morning and I spoke to his surgeon who came to see and. Keith has Peritonitis. He was in theatre for two and half hours and he was a mess. The Gallbladder was very nasty and had stuck to the liver and other things, so the operation was complex. The surgeon is not certain the Gallbladder caused the problem, because when he removed it he could not find a tear in it, but there were stones in it, so they are keeping a close eye on Keith in case they need to take him back to theatre, but at the moment he is holding his own and they seem to be getting on top of his pain. He looks better in himself, he has some colour and he was a little more awake, but he is poorly. The surgeon says it is going to be a long haul and even when he comes home he will have to wear drains for a further 6 weeks.

Further update.
Went back to see him this afternoon and evening and he was much more rested because instead of him using a Bolus to give himself meds, they are doing it for him as he is so weak and does not press the button in time to get the Morphine. So on the pain front I think they are winning. He is on three different antibiotics to try and get on top of the infection.
Keith did have his eyes open a little more and was responsive when spoken to which was a plus.
It is early days and I have been told many hurdles to jump over, but I am positive and I know he will keep fighting.


Sandra fell said...

Do Hope he gets better soon Jo

Judith Emery said...

Sorry to hear Keith is so poorly and hope he will soon be on the mend.Look after yourself as you will need all your strength when he come back on board. Take care.
Judith and John

Sue Hunter said...

Oh Jo, what an awful start to the new year. Thinking of you, and I'm sure Keith will soon be feeling better. Keep your chin up! Sue NB Beefur

Bruce in Sanity said...

All I can do is say the same as the above; we're thinking of you both.

Thank heavens for the NHS, eh? At least you don't have to worry about how you are going to pay for all that treatment and care.

Tell Keith to hang on in there…


Bruce and Sheila