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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 18.

Keith had an uncomfortable night as the new drain was giving him jip. When I got there, they had just taken out his stomach drain which was not producing much and they took out his catheter, which proved to be easier said than done. It did not want to come out and left him completely washed out after the job was done and the pain eased away.The morning visit ended with him looking pale, he reckoned he was hot, but he felt cold and sweaty. He managed a few spoonfuls of hot pot for lunch, which is the first real food he has managed, I do not count soup as real food, which he has had before. His colour was also better. I noticed the new drain, which was put in yesterday was blocked with goo and therefore nothing was reaching the bag, so I asked one of the nurses to flush it. They are supposed to flush it once a day. The consultant told Keith this morning it would be another week, but who knows. We are making progress which is fantastic.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Good to hear better news, Jo, but what a good job you are there to keep an eye on things!

Take care


Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

Bruce. I think they are getting fed up with me LOL.