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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arm like Popeye.

Today's update.

Keith was sick in the night and in pain and the sickness continued through today. They want him to drink, because he is not passing enough urine, but when he drinks it makes him feel sick or his is sick. They are giving him something for the sickness, but he would rather just not feel that way in the first place. He was poorly this morning but perked up this afternoon, so I walked him to the bathroom and gave him his wash.

The doctor had to redo Keith's cannula before I left yesterday, because his other one was blocked, unfortunately the doctor did not put it into his vein it went into his tissue and during the night his arm filled up with fluid, so he looks like popeye on one arm. Thankfully one of the senior nurses on night duty noticed it and sorted it out. Next week Keith is supposed to be having CT scan or now they are saying they may put a camera into his stomach. So not sure what is gonna happen now. He is feeling a little fed up and wants to come home. I just hope things are better tomorrow.

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