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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keith latest.

He had a very bad night pain wise and had all the drugs thrown at him including Morphine. He had been up first thing this morning in the chair but felt so rough they put him back to bed, so when I got there he was looking a bit grey and very sleepy. He slept all morning, so I got on with some crochet. Apparently the doctors had been around first thing, so I never got to see anyone today grrrr. This afternoon he was wide awake when I got there and wanted to get into the chair so I could wash him and give him his shave, but no sooner that was done he was done in and back in bed with pain increasing again. He is still only allowed sips of water and a protein juice. The physios are not sorting him out for walking, they have been told to hold fire on all of that, so the nurses get him up now and put him back to bed. So not a bad day, but not a good one either. Pain is still an issue.

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