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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Progress still being made.

Keith was in good spirit today, they moved him last night into another ward, which he was thankful for because the new patient next to him spent the past two nights on his laptop all night with the light on, having little regards for the other 5 people. The nurses did not say anything because they had all ready been verbally abused by him when he came in. Keith still has a temperature issue, BP low and resps high but they do not seem to be worried. He had his first cup of coffee today in two weeks. The naval doctor gave him some vitamin K through his IV because his blood is a little thin and with him having the drains put in tomorrow they do not want him bleeding to much. The most frequent cause of Vitamin K deficiency is the long term use of antibiotics, which would explain it or it could be due to the fact he has not been eating. Again the doctor was not concerned, they just want him right for tomorrow. They stopped his IV fluids, but they may go back on after tomorrow we will see. He is booked to go down at 1 pm, but of course he maybe later. He had cereal this morning and soup for lunch and has finally warmed up. it was so good to see Keith laughing and joking. Here's to tomorrow

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