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Monday, January 27, 2014

At long last.

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray. I have finally found someone who will tell what is going on and you can only imagine how happy that makes me. He is a Naval surgeon on secondment from the Navy for 6 months. He was with the surgeon this morning when they visited Keith and so was happy to talk me through what was going to be done and why and he has said I can chat to him anytime. Keith has two pools of fluid in the stomach cavity about 10 to 15 cm's in size, which need draining, they could be where they washed him out and the fluid was left over and pooled, or it could be bile from a leak or infection, they will not know until they put a drain in on Wednesday. I hear you say why Wednesday?
They cannot do it until then because they need to book the CT scanner and they need to make sure the right surgeon is on hand to do the job. Keith is in no danger because he is still on the antibiotics, so we have to wait now. I was so pleased to see Keith looking so much happier today and he was warmer than yesterday. He had feet and hands like blocks of ice yesterday. Keith had a better day in himself today, he was smiley and not so down. They have allowed him to eat something today, so for lunch he had some leek and potato soup and he really did enjoy it. Better still it stayed put. Progress was made today, even if it was only in finding out what is going on xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Brilliant news Jo you both sound as if you are a lot happier and it is always less stressful when you know what is going on.Best wishes,Sandra and Bob nb All Things Spanish xx

Geoff and Mags said...

Finally a bit of good news! It makes all the difference being able to talk to someone who knows what's what! All the other NHS hospitals should take note... patients ARE PEOPLE!
Hope you can see some progress now. All the best

Kitty Katz said...

That is great news! I'm so happy for you both and continuing to send positive healing thoughts your way! Warmly - Kitty