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Sunday, January 19, 2014

It has been a long old day.

Another update. I have been with Keith all day. When I got there he was sitting in a chair as the physios were with him. But after about an hour he was sick, probably due to all the movement, so he was put back in bed. He was not even keeping down water today, so they have given him something to stop the sickness. Had to laugh they bought him cheese sandwiches for his lunch, a yogurt and banana. The poor man has only had a small piece of scrambled egg and they think he is going to eat a plate full of cheese sandwiches grrrrrr. He has not eaten again to day, but they have moved him out of ICU and on to a ward at 7.30 pm this evening. Because I was worried about him I did not bother leaving the hospital after the morning visit, I just stayed and then went back in to see him at 4 pm. I am still worried about him, but I am probably being paranoid. To get him out of ICU they had to take out some of his drips, otherwise the ward would not accept him, now I am unsure if that is a good sign or just them cutting corners to release beds in ICU because they are full. Time will tell. Shall let you know more tomorrow. One thing I do know it has been a long day.

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Carrie said...

Jo, how exhausting it must be, worrying and waiting for visiting time to come around again, I do feel for you. I hope Keith is able to eat more tomorrow and the anti-sickness meds do the trick. Thinking of you both.