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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank each and everyone of you who has been kind enough to post messages of support on the blog. I read each and everyone of them and you will have no idea how much they have helped over this difficult period.
I apologise that I have not answer them all, it would take so much time and I would never do them justice, because they have meant so much, so please accept this posting as a huge THANK YOU from both Keith and I. We have felt the love from you and hopefully he will be home xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Carol said...

Will be thinking about you both today with fingers crossed. xx

Bruce in Sanity said...

Jo you are very welcome. It's great to hear that Keith is making progress; good luck for today.

I certainly don't expect an individual reply, you've got quite enough on your plate as it is.

Take care of yourself and regards to Keith