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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keith Update.

I have been in to see Keith. When I got there he was in dreadful pain, as they had changed him and his bed. Moving him caused him extreme pain, so they gve him an injection to help with that. They are not able at present to manage his pain, so are waiting for the pain management team to visit again. He is on 100mg Tramadol, 5 mg Diazepam, Buscopan and Morphine and this should knock an Elephant out, but it is not even touching Keith's pain and they do not know why. He is to have two more bags of fluids and then they will revue him again. His temperature is up and down and the poor man is sweating so much because of the pain he is in. If his temperature spikes again they are to give him another antibiotic drip and call the doctor.
When I left him, he was a little more settled, but the nurse looking after him is concerned they cannot control his pain yet. She is excellent and filled me in with what the doctors had to say. So no good news yet, but maybe tomorrow.
Once again thank you for all your support, it really is helping. I passed on your messages to Keith. We love you all xxxxxxxxxx


BigJohn said...

Prayers for Keith , you and all the medical team x

Halfie said...

Please pass on my best wishes to Keith. I pray that the pain is brought under control very quickly.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Oh my word, what a trial for you both!

I do hope they get Keith's pain under control and the cause sorted out quickly.

Do give him our best when you see him.



Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Jo, poor Keith is really having a rough time - I hope you find him a little better today.
We came up Watford Locks today and John the volunteer Lockie recognised our boat as that of a blogger so asked if I knew you and Keith. He made me promise that I would offer you his best wishes and to make you aware of his concern as he can't leave a comment on your blog.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Sorry to hear this latest news, Jo. All the best to you both and here's to a speedy recovery.

Best wishes