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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back On-board Hadar

I was discharged from hospital just after lunch yesterday. It is so nice to be back home. I have been in hospital for 6 weeks following a grossly inflated gallbladder, which I had an emergency operation on, the surgeon suspecting it would burst. Open going in by keyhole surgery he had to abandon that and do open surgery as it looked like the gallbladder had burst. However, apparently he could not find a tear in the gallbladder, but open further investigation discover the bile duct had in fact ruptured instead. He told me in all his years as one of the UK's top surgeons, especially keyhole surgery, he had never seen such a mess inside someone before. I knew nothing of this happening. Early hours of Monday morning, 12th January, I had extreme pain in my chest just below the sternum and I was rushed into hospital, I remember arriving at A&E, but nothing after that for about 2 weeks! Apparently according to Jo I was held in the 23 hour ward for 3 days when I was rushed into surgery, and then spent 4 day in the Intensive Treatment Unit before being moved the the surgical ward. It has been a rough and bumpy road, but now that I an back on-board Hadar, I just have to take things easy and recover slowly.

 I still have to return for further blood tests in 2 weeks, and the removal of my final drain if all is well, hopefully on the same day, but if not I will have to return again to have it removed. I will be able to see the daffodils bloom in our garden, which I thought I would miss, especially as it is our first year here on our residential mooring which we fortuitously took up in October. I thought I would miss our first blooming having stripped the garden in October and replanted the bulbs we found. Paddy was so pleased to see me after spending 6 weeks in hospital, but Marmite looked most disgusted as we realized she would lose her new bed next to Jo where she has been sleeping on my half of the bed whilst I have been away! It is going to be a long road to recovery, so we have decided not to cruise this summer, but for met not only to fully recover, but I still have my nose operation, which we have had to postpone twice whilst I was in hospital, but also just prior to Christmas I was rushed into hospital with back spasms, for which they want to do and MRI scan, which we have also had to postpone. Guess we will have to just put our feet up for this year and enjoy the summer sitting on our pontoon.



Dave Winter said...

Good to see your home Keith,now for a bit of rug making I think :-)

Halfie said...

Glad to see you're home at last, Keith. May you carry on improving.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Welcome home, Keith!

Hope the recovery is uneventful from here and that Jo can catch up with her sleep now.

All the best

Bruce & Sheila

Les Biggs said...

Welcome home Keith

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Relieved to read you are back on board mate. Take it easy and let the healing begin--for you both!
Big hugs,

Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

It will be a while before I can do any rag-rugs Dave, I still have difficulty sitting up, tend to have my chair reclined, and my finger strength has disappeared, in hospital I couldn't even open the little bag inside the individual cereal boxes! But you are right, I have all summer to build up a good stock, depending on acquiring T-shirts to keep up with demand.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back on board keith. Jo has done a grand job in keeping us all upto speed with the difficulties and recovery leading upto and following the plumbing rearrangement .
Enjoy the daffodils , take it easy , I know from having had my GB removed it takes time
Well done both of you , keep smiling
Chris & Alison nb doo lalli ali

Mike on GARNET said...

Hooray, you are out! Sorry to here that you have to take a year off, but ya gotta do wot ya gotta do.