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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Day 20.

Todays update. Keith was good in himself, just tired and light headed. But after the night from hell what can you expect. Two patients from another bay in his ward tried escaping though Keith's bay, and day room. So the nurses had to bar the door into and out of the day room, once they had got them back to their beds. So little sleep was had and they had to empty his bile bag a couple of times in the night. The main concern is his bile drain. They emptied it at 1am and from then till 4pm when I left he had produced 830 ml, which seems like a huge amount. It has been said it should be slowing down by now, so I hope to speak to someone on Monday. But In himself he is doing just fine and he ate his lunch completely which was a first in almost 3 weeks. So we will see what happens Monday.


Mike Todd said...

Sounds like real if slow progress, Let's hope it continues.

Take Five

Sandra fell said...

Always think it's a good sign if there eating!Glad he's feeling better even after the antics of last night!He will be so glad to get back home!Best Wishes,Sandra Nb All Things Spanish

Chris Thorn said...

Best wishes to you both from the States. Your oversight of Kieth's care is amazing. Please take care of yourself as well. The care you are taking is what he needs to stay safe and get well.

eeyore said...

Thank you for your amazing updates. It must be really hard to cope with the blg and visiting and the boat and all the rest of the things upi have to do to keep going.

You were mentioned at the Boaters Christian Fellowship Committee meeting today and we prayed for Keith and other boaters that we know are going through sickness and a really hard time. We pray for his full recovery and strength to meet the day for both of you.