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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Day 28.

Another pretty good day. Keith was very chipper and had a couple of short walks and a spell in the day room to see some of the Winter Olympics. 
According to his notes they have written up the Gentamicin for 12 days as from the 7th Feb, which seems to have upset the pharmacist, he is also on the Tazocin for 14 days. It seems that the Gentamicin should only be used for 5 consecutive days and therefore the pharmacist wants the doctors to go back to the microbiologist if they want to use the Gentamicin past the 5 days. I know It is very toxic and they are keeping a close eye on Keith's renal levels every 2 days. He certainly seems to have picked up since they started him back on both these antibiotics. He has an appetite now and enjoyed his roast beef, yorkshire pudding and veg today.

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Anonymous said...

Great news ! Get well soon to Keith and you take care of yourself!
Angela and Tiger in Turkey !