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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 38.

Potential good news. Keith had a dizzy spell this morning and felt under the weather, but this afternoon he was much better.
Keith finally had his cholangiogram this afternoon, after I think the Registra kicked up because it had not been booked on Sunday as was first thought. According to what the guy who did the dye and the scan said, he could not see a stone or restriction, which if right is great news. We should know from the surgeon tomorrow.
Once maybe is forgivable, but twice I find annoying. Again Keith's antibiotic was forgotten last night and this time it was the Gentamicin. The Registra was not to impressed and it was therefore given to Keith at 11.30 am and changed on his drug chart to be given in the 2pm session when he has his Tazocin, instead of 6 pm, so they cannot forget to give it to him. Makes me cross that they forget to give drugs, which are important. The Registra told me that missing the odd one was not so important, but to me if the drugs are written up then they should be given on time.
But on a brighter note Keith could be coming home next week if all goes well. But not going to count my chickens just yet LOL.

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Judith Emery said...

Pleasedto hear the good news, ope all goes to plan.