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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Days 31 and 32.

Apologises if you came to look for an update yesterday. There was very little to post about, so I left it for today.

Yesterday Keith had his CT scan and had a pretty good day. They are giving him Salt tablets to bring up his Sodium level, because it is to low.
So today we waited with baited breath for the results of the CT scan. He still has a patch of fluid, but it is only a small one, so the docs are really happy, which makes us happy. He is still staying on the strong antibiotics, so is not coming home just yet, but we are getting closer. The surgeon wants a test done on the t-piece connecting the bile tube to the bag I think its an angiography, but that will happen at some point before they decide to take the bag off. He was on about sending Keith home, but this would of meant us going to the hospital 3 times a day for his antibiotics to be given, as they are toxic and cannot be given at home. So we told him we don't have a car, and this would completely wipe Keith out energy wise. so he scrapped that idea. Not only that they need to keep an eye on Keith's bloods, which cannot be done at home. Keith is quite happy to stay where he is until they have him sorted properly. We had a bit of a walk, did two lots of stairs and a walk to the cafe, this did Keith in, so a snooze was called for before lunch. But he is in good spirits which is important. The surgeon has made it quite clear he is not ready to let him go until he is sure Keith is clear of infection, so the wait for him to come home properly is still on. Oh and Keith has put on 2 pounds in 3 days, which is

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Bruce in Sanity said...

That's great, Jo.

Fingers crossed for next week!