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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Days 33 and 34.

Keith sent me a text to say there was Norovirus again in the hospital, but this time on the 23 hour ward, so we were back to restricted visiting times, which was not great because Keith's sister Wendy was coming to visit from Whitney. I could not go to the hospital until the afternoon and therefore Keith waited for his wash etc. Wendy arrived at 4.10 pm and we went to the cafe until 6 pm when we could then visit Keith again. It was great for Keith to have a different visitor and Wendy really cheered him up with her conversation. *pm we had to leave and so we headed into Warwick and Wetherspoons to get an evening meal. With it being Valentines Day we expected it to be busy, but it was in fact not to bad. Wendy stayed on the boat with me over night in the howling gale..

Saturday morning we were awake at 1 am with the noise of the wind, so I made Wendy and I a cuppa, before we went back to bed. By the time we got up, the sun was shining and the wind had dropped a little. I checked the hospital website and it said that despite the 23 hour ward still being closed, the rest of the hospital was open for visiting as normal. So after breakfast and the usual chores Wendy and I headed off to see Keith. Once there, I got Keith ready for the day and then we enjoyed a lovely morning with him. After his and our lunch we then wheeled him down to the cafe for a change of scenery.
Keith was so pleased to have Wendy come to see him, it was nice for him to have a different person to chat too. Wendy left us at 4 pm and I stayed on for a while after wheeling him back to the ward.
Keith is now waiting for his next test the Cholangiogram to his bile duct, which should happen this coming week. 


Rosemary Nickerson said...

I've been out of the loop lately. This is the first I've read of your hospital epic. Dat 34??????? Good grief, Charlie Brown, that is a LONG go of it. Best wishes for a speedy and timely recovery.

Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

Hi Rosemary.
Welcome back into the loop. Keith suffered a perforated Gallbladder, which was a complete and utter mess, so his surgeon put it. It has been a long haul and we were told it would be. Keith was in Intensive Care for 4 days and has been on the ward ever since. Getting rid of the infection has been the main issue, as you have probably read if you have gone back through the posts, but he is getting there now. I am hoping to have him home soon. Thank you for reading our blog and leaving us a comment xxxxxxxxxx