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Monday, February 24, 2014

Coming Home

Update for anyone reading this now. Keith is coming HOME today..... So excited to be getting my darling man home at long last. All your crossing of fingers, toes etc really made the difference thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Baddie the Pirate said...

Great news. Hope all goes well and Keith is feeling his usual self very soon.

Halfie said...

Excellent news, Jo. Very pleased to hear this. We pray that Keith will continue to get better and you'll soon be cruising again.

Perry said...

Marvellous news.



Sandra Fell said...

So glad he is coming home all the best for a quick recovery.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo
Good news! Very pleased it all panned out and Keith is home. Lovely day today beautiful weather and wonderful news. I bet Paddy and Marmite are thrilled and won't leave Keith alone. You might get some sleep perhaps?
We hope he is up and about and out walking the Arm by the time we get back to Teazle.