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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Day 21.

Last night I had a very nice meal with a friend who offered to cook me dinner. It was lovely to have an evening of chatter and a glass of wine with Jacquie. Thanks Jacquie for a wonderful time.
I went to the hospital today, hoping to see further improvement from Keith, but Keith did not have a great night with pain, so they gave him liquid Morphine. His and everyone else’s night on the ward was made worse by the fact that a new patient came in from a side room and he shouted all night. The poor man was very confused and I have to say his language was also very colourful, so no one in the ward slept. They even tried putting cotton wool ear plugs in to see if that would help, but no. I did feel for the elderly gentleman, who kept calling out. Oh god please help me. I am done for and so lost. Please someone come and help me. From other things he was saying, I would say he was once a military man and very much in control of his life and now he finds himself without any control over what he is doing. he was getting very annoyed by everything happening in the ward, shouting at people for things that were happening. So very sad really.
Today Keith has been hot, but feeling cold and sweating. His BP was up this morning, but this afternoon it had come down again. He did not eat breakfast, but did manage a small amount of lunch. I left him dozing, so hopefully he will have a better night. If they can knock the other gentleman out. They all tired ear plugs, but they did not even work.

I am getting a bit annoyed that I have had to keep asking to get Keith’s drain flushed and this happened yet again today. When they eventually flushed it, it was blocked at the point of entry to Keith’s chest. I was told that they are short staffed due to sickness and whilst I do feel for them, my responsibility is towards Keith.

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Les Biggs said...

I remember having a naso-gastric tube to drain bile from my stomach. It was pumped out every 3 hours from memory.
I had this tube in my nose and down my throat for 5 days.
It must be just as bad having a drain that keeps blocking.
Keith matey, fight them all the way, we (boating community) are all wishing you well.