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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 30.

It seems hard to believe that Keith has been in hospital for 30 days or a month. Which ever way you say it, it is a long time and we know he will be in there for at least this week. He has to wait for his CT scan and then we will know where we stand. The doctors prescribed him Salt tablets today, because his Sodium levels are to low. Apparently they taste dreadful, so rather Keith than me.
He was in good form today and there is no real news because it is all a waiting game. He is still on two antibiotics and pain relief, but keeping cheerful.


Jacquie said...

oh Jo, it's never ending isn't it ? you know where the kettle is or a glass of wine when you need a break xxx Jacq x

Sue Hunter said...

It's such a long time. On the positive side - things can only get better. Thinking of you & sending positive vibes your way! Sue NB Beefur