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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Day 23.

I saw the surgeon and got the result of Keith's Ultrasound. It showed that the drain put in last week had done its job, so that was to come out. But the scan also showed up two small pools of fluid, which could be infected or become infected. They cannot be drained, so the surgeon decided that Keith would have a long line inserted in his upper arm if they could find a vein. This will be done in theatre and with the use of ultrasound. This long line can stay in for up to a month and they can give him IV antibiotics again. Keith is finding it difficult to swallow all the tablets they are giving him. So the IV antibiotics will be so welcome. In himself today he was cheerful, even though he had a difficult night with stomach pain. His wound is almost healed up now which is great news. So we will wait to see how he gets on with this new line, because the ordinary cannulas were difficult to get in to Keith's veins as they had shut down and even now they find it hard to get any blood from him for his daily blood tests. So some positives from today.

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