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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Battery Cut-off Switch

Back in the summer we had a battery cut-off switch fail, and I had temporarily rewired the third switch it in it’s place. Whilst we were in Braunston recently I bought a replacement and a spare. Today I fitted the replacement. Apart from it having two fixing holes rather than four on the original, meaning I had to drill two new holes, it all went together rather well.

Whilst I was in a busy mode, I replaced the two overhead lights in the boatman’s cabin, with two we had found dumped. They are a lot brighter than the original two, but also they now have the same bulbs which also match the one on the engine room and in our saloon. No more having different types to cope with. All we need to do now is replace the bulbs with LED lights, but all in good time.

I also made new fender cords for the two spare fenders we have found, so they are now available for use.

Jo took her litter picker out for it’s baptismal, and filled a plastic bag, just in the area we are moored, but also found 3 large plastic barrels and a traffic cone dumped in the hedge.


I also fixed the litter picker we found which now works properly, so we have one each.

Jo has put a lamb shank in the boatman’s cabin stove to cook for dinner.


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