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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shackerstone to Congerstone

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As we were getting prepared to set off this morning, Jo asked if she could take Hadar out of her mooring to the next one. This is not the first time Jo has left a mooring, but definitely the first time from a shallow mooring, which she managed ok. Having cleared the mooring and passed the moored boats at Shackerstone I went down into the engine ‘ole and left her to it. I surfaced only as we neared the moorings for Congerstone where Jo very ably pulled Hadar into the bank and I stepped off with the centre line, and Jo brought her to a stop, and we tied up. I think Jo is feeling quite chuffed with herself.

After lunch we walked up the road to Congerstone. We were rather intrigued with the pub name on the side of the building, obviously so the drunks can read it whilst in the gutter!



This is the front of the Horse & Jockey, which seems a strange looking building in relation to the rest of the village.


Jo was rather amused with this road sign.


This is the church, which is definitely 2 distinct styles, so has been added onto at some time.


From beside the church there is a footpath to the hamlet of Bilstone which for some reason has been line with these protected trees.


This is the Mill sluice for the original Bilstone Mill. The mill house has been rebuilt in recent years, with no sign of the original mill wheel, which is a shame. However the sluice is still operational if in need of some much needed maintenance.


This is supposed to be the mill pool above the sluice, which is definitely lacking in water. We walked back to Congerstone via the footpath we had arrived by.


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