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Friday, November 18, 2011

Shenton to Shackerstone.

Map picture



Yet another uneventful morning’s journey from Shenton to Shackerstone, that is until we arrived at our intended destination. We tried to moor up along this stretch in the photo, which is just before the bend and the aqueduct, but the best we could do was just before the end of the pilings, and we still a foot out from the bank. Still we are moored up and will be here for the weekend, with lots to do in the area.

Jo walked round to the visitor moorings, and I walked round to see what was going on. There was room for us, so we moved Hadar round the corner.

Map picture

At least we are moored against the bank here and not out in the middle of the cut! We are also nearer the bridge for our next Tesco delivery, which Jo is preparing now.


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