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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coventry to Whitestone, Ashby Canal.

Map picture


Having had a great stay in Coventry, we set off for the Ashby canal this morning.

Ricoh Arena

We again passed the Ricoh Arena, home to Coventry City Football Club. the stand near the canalside is called the Tesco Stand, as there is a large Tesco’s very close to it, very handy if you need a supermarket in this vicinity, there are ringed moorings near Bridge No.8 which is the nearest access point to get to the supermarket.

We soon made Hawkesbury Junction, good thing we emptied our toilet cassette at Coventry Basin before setting off as someone was moored at the sanitary station, with no sign of anyone around!

I only took a small chunk of concrete out of the wall whilst turning at Marston junction to travel up the Ashby canal, which we haven’t been on since our first year on Hadar in 2008. There was enough space for us to pull into the 48hr moorings at Bridge No.5 and enough deep water.


Time to explore the area after lunch as we have never been here before. Note from the photo the unusual brick walling to the towpath moorings.



Mike On The Ashby said...

Welcome to the Ashby Canal Keith, looks like some better weather coming for the weekend :)

I think Gosty Hill will be coming past you this evening or tomorrow if you need diesel or coal.

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Mike, hopefully we may get to meet you whils we are here, we pulled alongside Gosty Hill this morning and had a coffee with them.