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Monday, November 07, 2011

Newbold to Grimes Bridge No.26

Grimes Bridge

A dull morning with very low cloud, making very fine drizzle. We moved to the other side of Bridge 50 to take on water. Whilst here I walked down alongside “The Barley Mow”, to “The Boat” to take a few photos to indicate the original route of the Oxford Canal.


This is the car park and beer garden opposite the entrance to “The Boat”, the grassed area where the benches are is part of the old route, as it lies very horizontal.


This is the view from outside “The Boat” towards the existing canal. The building to the right is “The Barley Mow”, the one in the centre is “The Old Coach House” and the one on the left is what looks to be a warehouse. The route of the old canal would have passed to the left of this building in this photo.


This is the end of the warehouse as viewed from the canal, the path of the old canal would have passed this building to the right of the picture.


This view is where presumably the old canal passed the warehouse on this side of it.


Finally this is the side of the warehouse that would have been alongside the old canal.

Mike Todd has passed onto me via this blog a very useful webpage which has old canal routes marked on it overlaid on the existing routes, which is very useful, and many thanks to Mike for passing that on. I still need to buy a modern map and then find old maps in a library to transfer the routes more accurately for further exploration, it is quite a challenge to see if it is possible to find these old maps and I am looking forward to it. Makes life on the canal during the winter months more interesting.

Once the water tank was full, we set off for a shortish journey to Grimes Bridge No.26, where we have for the first time in passing here found enough space and deep water for Hadar to moor in. Although previously we have always moved between Hawkesbury and Rugby, and vice versa in one day, it makes a pleasant change to be able to break the journey up.


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