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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bridge 88 to Hillmorton Top Lock

Hillmorton Top

A windy but sunny day’s journey. Nothing much to report apart from passing nb Badsey, on her way towards Braunston, presumably. We also had a quick wave to Kaz, on nb Arc Angel at her moorings at Barby.

Here we also passed the unfinished new Barby Marina.


At Hillmorton is the radio masts of Rugby Radio Station. Although a lot of the original masts have now gone, there are still some remaining. An uncle of mine worked here, during the 2nd World War and after. It was whilst climbing the radio masts for maintenance purposes that he learnt the climbing skills he used to climb throughout the UK, and in the Alps. I have a photo album of his climbing exploits. During my climbing life, I climbed the UK climbs he had photos of himself climbing, it was an interesting challenge.


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