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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bridge No.5 to Bridge No.13

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Burton Hastings

A murky morning got murky as we travelled. Our intention was not to travel too far, but we wanted a nice country mooring for the weekend, which we hoped would be just past Bridge No.13 Goodacres Bridge. Just before Mill Road Bridge No.8 we came across Ian and Alison on Gosty Hill moored up, and we pulled alongside for a chat and a coffee. We haven’t seen them for a couple of years and it was nice to have an opportunity to stop and chat to them. We must have spent at least an hour with them, before carrying on to Bridge No.13 where we tentatively pulled into the bank, which was deep enough, so we moored up, and Jo is now cooking tonight's dinner, before we have lunch and whilst I am updating this blog. I love the smell of frying onions, I wonder what dinner will be?

I have a few jobs lined up for the weekend, one of which is to fit the new battery switch, to replace the broken one, and whilst I have the boatman’s cabin floor up, I will check the oil level in the gearbox and also check if the propshaft UV joints and the shaft bearing need greasing. I also need to attach the new fender ropes that I bought whilst in Braunston to the spare fenders we have rescued from the canal, to make them available for use. I am sure there are a few more things I can do once I remember what they are!


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